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Why the new Porsche 911 doesn’t need to be moving to look Beautiful – Video


Beauty in Motion.

Automotive design and style is one of – if not the – biggest reasons why people buy cars. If done properly, it can evoke feelings of passion, desire, and a wide array of other emotions from a standstill. It’s shaped the history of the automobile and has crafted it into something that can be an inspiring part of our lives.

There are several models throughout the history of the automobile that have become icons due to their design, shape, and form, and have paved the way for cars of the future with their innovative style. One such model is the Porsche 911 that has become a classic European sports car and an icon not just for its looks, but its performance as well.

For the new 991-generation Porsche 911, the German automaker produced a unique demonstration at Porsche Centre Padova that featured the design behind the new sports car to evoke emotions while the car stood still on the stage.

[Source: Porsche]

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