BMW Driver Acts like a Dick, Causes an Accident


Instant Karma.

There’s a stereotype out there that BMW drivers are douchebags because of the way that they act when they drive. This doesn’t apply to all BMW drivers by any stretch of the imagination, but it seems as though there is a higher-than-normal percentage of “douchebaggy”, arrogant drivers associated with this brand of vehicle.

This driver in Lemgo, Germany certainly doesn’t help the case either.

At an intersection in the small town, the driver of the BMW 5-Series gets out and opens the door of the van, and starts to yell at the driver for blocking the intersection. After the two cars in front of him he begins to turn left. Right as he does so, he is hit by a car driving through the intersection.

Hopefully the driver had time to put his seatbelt on after yelling at the other driver. The two cars reportedly just came to a rest short of a mother and her child. It’s also rather unfortunate that the other car was a part of the accident due to this BMW driver’s rage.

Source: Znoderin YouTube Channel

Did the BMW driver get what he had coming to him?


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