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WRAPworks takes on the Ford Mustang GT in Germany

WRAPworks Ford Mustang GT

A new neon pony car for Europe.

For decades, seeing a Ford Mustang anywhere in Europe was a very rare sight. Now, with the sixth-generation of the muscle car, Ford has decided to sell the car across the Atlantic. While it’s still an uncommon sight, pony cars like this customized WRAPworks Ford Mustang GT easily grab attention.

WRAPworks Ford Mustang GT

Founded in 2012 by TImo Lohmeier, WRAPworks has quickly gained quite a reputation for their specially designed vinyl wrapping along with window tinting. The new Ford Mustang GT was the latest to benefit from the custom-tailored vinyl wrapping designs and makes quite the motoring statement.

WRAPworks Ford Mustang GT

The low and powerful pony car was given a customized two-tone look that kept the factory Iridium Black Mica paint exposed on the front fascia and roof. New Matte Silver metallic vinyl starts behind the front fenders and continues diagonally upwards until it covers the entire rear. More complex and angular Chrome Silver, Neon Yellow, and Neon Green striping is worn over specific lines and curves of the Mustang GT to draw attention.

WRAPworks Ford Mustang GT

As part of the conversion, the WRAPworks Ford Mustang GT had its factory 9.0 x 19 and 9.5 x 19 front and rear wheels powder coated Neon Green and Neon Yellow, respectively to match the new vinyl highlights streaking across the body. A dark 95-percent window tint completes the film transformation.

WRAPworks Ford Mustang GT

Aside from the striking vinyl wrap, WRAPworks opted to install Roush hood and window scoops along with a new rear spoiler and diffuser for a more powerful and dynamic look. That athleticism is emphasized even further thanks to the new ST X coilover suspension that reduces the overall ride height while a Steeda Autosports G-Trac underbody brace sharpens up handling even more. Eibach 40 mm front and Velocity Wheel 46 mm rear wheel spacers make the neon-finished wheels even more eye-catching.

WRAPworks Ford Mustang GT

WRAPworks also focused on giving the good ol’ 5.0-liter American V-8 a bit more power thanks to some basic modifications. A new cold air intake system improves airflow while a Roush quad rear exhaust setup lets out an even more intimidating roar. To finish it all off, a Roush classic black ball shift knob sits as the centerpiece of the cockpit.

The featured WRAPworks upgrades shown on this Ford Mustang GT are currently available from the German company.

WRAPworks Ford Mustang GT Specifications

Displacement: 5.0-liters
Number of Cylinders: V-8
Aspiration: Naturally aspirated
-Cold Air Intake
-Roush quad exhaust

Wheels and Suspension:
Wheels: Factory with powder coated Neon Yellow and Neon Green finish
Spacers: Eibach 40 mm front, Velocity Wheel 46 mm rear
Suspension: ST X coilovers, Steeda Autosports G-Trac underbody brace

-WRAPworks customized vinyl wrap
-WRAPworks 95-percent window tint
-Roush hood scoop
-Roush window scoops
-Roush rear spoiler
-Roush rear diffuser

-Roush ball shifter

WRAPworks Ford Mustang GT Gallery

Source: WRAPworks

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