Bargain-Basement McLaren??


As if the P1 weren’t enough, McLaren is promising a new car, codenamed “P13.” It is said to be a “high volume” 2-seat sports car. Estimating 2,000 – 2,500 to be as “high volume” as a company like McLaren will get. The P1 will be priced to compete with upper-end Porsches and the like. Considering the MP4-12C rings in at about $231,000, we’re sure there will be a sizable price and equipment gap between the two cars to prevent undercutting its own product line.

No word yet on what engine will be used. A detuned version of the current 616hp twin turbo V-8, maybe? There’s plenty of power to be had from the engine below that number. It would also be nice to see what a technological powerhouse like McLaren would do with a V-6, especially in these fuel conscious times. Grab a couple of turbos off the shelf and strap them on a McLaren-designed V-6. Surely, you can wring 500hp out of that, right?

In terms of design, expect the new P13 to take styling cues from the new P1. Lots of curves, swoops and ducts, active aerodynamics and strings of LEDs. The most surprising thing to hear is that the new car will be more practical. How? Early reports said it was a 2+2 – maybe even a hatchback. One thing is confirmed: The McLaren P1 will have some form of a trunk. Following up on their promise to release a car per year, the P1 will go on sale this year with the P1 seeing the light of day sometime in 2014.

What are you hoping to see with the upcoming McLaren P13? Leave a comment and let us know!


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