Chevrolet takes us inside Camaro 5 Fest – Video


The culture behind the muscle car.

The Chevrolet Camaro is one of the most iconic muscle cars in the world. The car first went on sale in 1966 and it continued to be produced until 2002 when Chevrolet decided to halt production due to low sales. For enthusiasts, it was a dark day that began four years of anticipation until the American automaker announced and unveiled the Camaro Concept car in 2006.

Then, in 2009, after appearing in the movie Transformers as “Bumblebee,” the Chevrolet Camaro finally went on sale. Eager enthusiasts quickly purchased the model and it became highly successful. On August 2-4 in Indianapolis, Indiana, Camaro owners will gather from around the country for Camaro 5 Fest.

Chevrolet produced a documentary film, following Camaro 5 owners from around the United States from all walks of life as they celebrated the car at Camaro 5 Fest. The documentary shows the passion behind the car and what goes into putting on the Camaro 5 Fest annually.

[Source: Chevrolet]

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