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CLP Automotive turns the BMW X6 into a Bruiser

Big, bold, and broad.

The BMW X6 (E71) is somewhat of a head scratcher in the automotive world. The Sports Activity Coupe offers no utility, but is packed with sport and is a trailblazer in terms of styling and design. CLP Automotive has unveiled a new “Bruiser” body kit that sets the X6 apart as a muscular performer on the road.

The new CLP BMW exterior kit for the X6 widens both the front and rear tracks of the BMW by 50 mm. The CLP Automotive Bruiser kit transforms the BMW X6 into a mean and powerful automobile that is ready to handle a racetrack.

The front of the Bruiser body kit features a large bumper with three gaping air intakes with LED daytime running lights positioned in the middle of the left and right ducts. Headlight covers give the CLP Automotive BMW an even meaner stare that is backed up by widened front and rear fenders. Between the bulging flares sit a set of distinct side skirts and door panels that conform to the widened track. At the rear of the CLP Automotive Bruiser is a wider bumper with quad exhaust cutouts and a spoiler for extra downforce.

As part of the CLP Automotive Bruiser kit, new, larger wheels were installed. CLP Tuning installed a set of Dutch Diamond Golden Claw high-end aluminum wheels in a staggered 11 x 23 front and 12.5 x 23 rear fitment with performance tires for improved grip.

Finishing off the kit is a custom exhaust system with quad tips that dramatically increases volume under acceleration.

The CLP Automotive Bruiser body kit for the BMW X6 (E71) is currently available for € 10, 000 (+/- 13,500 USD) excluding installation.

CLP Automotive Bruiser BMW X6 Body Kit Specifications

-Front and rear extended fenders; 50 mm wider
-Front bumper with three air intake ducts and LED lighting
-Headlight covers
-Door panels
-Side skirts
-Rear bumper with exhaust cutouts
-Rear spoiler

Wheel Fitment:
Wheels: Dutch Diamond high-end aluminum Golden Claw
Front Wheels: 11 x 23
Rear Wheels: 12.5 x 23
Tires: Corresponding performance tires

CLP Automotive Bruiser BMW X6 Body Kit Gallery

[Source: CLP Automotive]

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