High-Tech, No Top! The Upcoming BMW i8 Spyder


The BMW i8 is one of the coolest and most high-tech eco cars ever built. What could you add to make it even cooler? Nothing. However, you could take something off… the top! BMW CEO Harald Kruger just confirmed the debut of a convertible version of the hybrid called the i8 Spyder.


The Spyder will look nearly identical to the concept convertible, meaning it’ll be equipped with removable roof panels like what you get on a Lamborghini Aventador Roadster. Kruger suggests that the i8 Spyder “could be introduced next year as part of BMW’s centennial celebrations.”


If this will be the way to go, then the i8 Spyder could be a 2017 model priced at about $140,700 which is around $5,000 more than the hardtop. The BMW i8 Spyder going to look amazing. Now you can save the environment you enjoy and enjoy the environment you save.

BMW i8 Spyder Concept Gallery

Source: BMW

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