Lamborghini’s new Super Car shows some skin

What will Lamborghini be unveiling in Paris?

At the 2010 Paris Motor Show Lamborghini will be unveiling two new cars, but what they are remains a mystery. To add to the excitement, Lamborghini has released teaser photos that show a little skin – carbon fiber skin that is. From what we can tell the teaser shots show the engine cover for a V-10, which means it probably won’t be the Murciélago’s replacement, the Jota. We do know that Lamborghini will be taking steps to not only improve performance and incorporate more carbon fiber, but redefine their designs. So, does this mean that these teasers are of the new Lamborghini technology concept, or a new V-10 model?

We’ll just have to wait until the Paris Motor Show, where Lamborghini will stop teasing us with these half-naked pictures and unveil their new model.

Update: Lamborghini has announced the name will be:

Lamborghini Sesto Elemento

What do you think the new Lamborghini model will be? Leave your guess and the winner gets one free internets!


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