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Mahk Busts in and Ruins Chevy’s Latest Commercial!

Mahk Chevrolet Reliability

Reliability surveys.

Marketers and advertisers can sometimes bend the truth a bit in order to sell a product. Facts and figures can always be twisted to make something sound better than it is and give potential customers a better opinion of the product. That’s what Chevrolet did with their latest ‘Real People. Not Actors’ commercial and it caused such an uproar, that it got pulled. Thankfully, Mahk came along to disprove it all.

The commercial stars Ford, Toyota, and Honda owners (along with our favorite Chevy lover, Mahk) standing in a room with four vehicles beneath sheets sporting the names of the aforementioned brands.

Mahk Chevrolet Reliability

When the host asks if said brand is most reliable, the “real people” and “real owners” of said brand say yes, only to have the sheets magically removed and the host tell them that it’s not. Mahk has his mind blown over what happened with the sheets – and rightfully so, because those things just disappeared.

The trick is done to owners of each brand, with sheets being ripped off as Mahk claims that a 1999 Suzuki Grand Vatara is really under those sheets.

Finally, the last sheet is pulled off and the sheets to reveal Chevrolet cars and trucks – including the 2019 Silverado. Mahk, visibly upset, yells at the host and tweets Toyota. He then proceeds to debunk the entire reliability survey that Chevrolet used (and other manufacturers disputed).

Mahk Chevrolet Reliability

The survey, done by Paris-based Ipsos, was for 2015 model-year vehicle owners who had servicing done between December of 2014 and June of 2015. Of the almost 900,000 surveys sent out to owners of a variety of brands, only about 49,000 responded. The unscientific survey stated found that Chevrolet owners had the least amount of service done to their vehicles. In the commercial, they showed their current-generation models – not the 2015 models that the survey inquired about.

Last, but not least, Mahk brings up the 2018 Consumer Reports Reliability survey that states that Chevrolet is listed under ‘less reliable’ and 23rd among 29 brands.

Thanks to Mahk and companies that actually know what they are talking about, the commercial has since been pulled because let’s face it – they’re full of shit.

Source: Zebra Corner

How happy are you to see Mahk totally rip apart Chevrolet for their latest reliability commercial?


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