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Prior Design Gives 1 Series Owners that 1 M Coupe Look

Prior Design PDM1 BMW

Aerodynamics and all sorts of fun.

The BMW 1 Series M Coupe is a fun and exciting sports car packed with all sorts of goodies that’ll throw you back in your seat and put a smile on your face through the turns. Owners of the standard E82/E88 Coupe and Convertible variants of the model are in luck as far as style and aerodynamics are concerned because Prior Design has created the PDM1 aerodynamic kit designed specifically for the 1 Series Coupe.

While the upgrade program from Prior Design doesn’t feature any high-powered turbo upgrades, air intakes, and exhausts, it does offer a big-time styling boost that makes the sports car look pretty darn fast, and sometimes that’s all you need. The entire PDM1 aerodynamic body kit is made from high-quality PUR-RIM that’s easy to install and paint.

Prior Design PDM1 BMW

The new BMW 1 Series PDM1 body kit starts things out with an aggressive front bumper that mirrors the design of its M-powered sibling. The bumper then flows into the bulging front fenders that create a wider, more muscular presence along with new aerodynamically-optimized side skirts. The kit is finished off at the rear with a new bumper that again, takes its shape from the 1 M Coupe model. As an option, customers can order a new trunk-mounted rear spoiler that will generate a bit of downforce at higher speeds.

The new Prior Design PDM1 aerodynamic body kit is designed to fit all E82/E88 BMW 1 Series models (coupe/convertible) except 1 M Coupes. The PDM1 kit is available for 2,999 Euros while the optional rear spoiler is an additional 299 Euros.

Prior Design PDM1 BMW Specifications

-Prior-Design PDM1-WB front bumper
-Prior-Design PDM1-WB side skirts (2X)
-Prior-Design PDM1-WB rear bumper
-Prior-Design PDM1-WB front fenders
-WB rear widenings
-Mounting material
-Optional Prior-Design PDM1 rear trunk spoiler

Prior Design PDM1 BMW Gallery


[Source: Prior Design]

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