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RevoZport Gives the BMW M3/M4 a Sharper Image

RevoZport M Aerokit

Cutting edge carbon fiber.

The BMW M3 has been one of the most important models in the German automaker’s lineup. It is the poster child to showcase the brand’s dedication to driving dynamics and performance throughout their lineup. While the model has since been split into the two-door M4 and four-door M3, the formula for performance is still the same, and RevoZport has made it even better with their new M Aerokit.

RevoZport M Aerokit

The new RevoZport M Aerokit is designed for both the BMW M3 and M4 models and enhances the aerodynamic efficiency, cooling, and downforce, lending to an improvement in overall performance. The kit is designed for models armed with the BMW Performance Package and takes it all a step further for more driving enjoyment.

RevoZport M Aerokit

The factory Performance front lip gains a new RevoZport add-on lip to extend it even further while new fender spoilers visually widen the sports car and add downforce to the front axle. The brakes benefit from a new RevoZport cooling duct setup that includes high-temperature hoses, air ducts, and brake mounting brackets that reduce heat buildup for better braking performance on the track.

RevoZport M Aerokit

Along each side of the BMW M3 and M4, new RevoZport fender spoilers at the front and rear enhance the aerodynamic efficiency of the BMW Performance Package side skirts. The rear fascia benefits from a larger adjustable GT wing spoiler that generates a healthy amount of downforce. Below, a new two-element diffuser setup with bumper skirts helps keep the rear planted to the road during high speeds.

RevoZport M Aerokit

RevoZport does not offer any exhaust or performance upgrades to the engine since they believe that the BMW M3 and M4 have already been pushed to the limit. The new RevoZport M Aerokit is currently available along with other carbon fiber exterior upgrades.

RevoZport M Aerokit BMW M3/M4 Gallery

Source: RevoZport

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