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The Track-Ready RENM Performance LE-C Aventador

RENM Performance LE-C Aventador

Limited Edition Corsa.

Earlier this year, RENM Performance unveiled their new LE-C program for the Lamborghini Aventador to owners and prospective customers of the Italian super car. After getting feedback, the tuning and design specialists refined and redesigned the new program to create a track-ready super car with a classic wedge shape with an improved power-to-weight ratio and better overall performance.

The new RENM Performance LE-C Aventador combines many elements from the incredibly popular one-off Aventador J model with sleek, redesigned body work made from lightweight carbon fiber. Many aspects of the super car’s design such as the front section and upper rear grille bear a resemblance to the one-off Lamborghini model while other aspects such as the rear wing, lower rear section, and sides were redesigned by RENM Performance.

Much of the exterior of the LE-C Aventador was developed to generate downforce and redirect air to the engine and brakes. All of the upgrades are made from lightweight and high-strength carbon fiber to reduce weight and improve the overall power-to-weight ratio for better overall performance. Instead of a large rear wing, the team at RENM Performance opted to go with a smaller electronic wing that offers better aerodynamic properties and a more uniform design.

Many of the suspension and chassis components were replaced to provide better performance on the race track. Every suspension is modified and upgraded for each customer and the height can be adjusted for a better center of gravity. Each RENM Performance LE-C is fitted with lightweight center-locking race-specification wheels to reduce weight at the wheel hub, and can be optioned with race-specification tires.

The mid-mounted 6.5-liter V-12 engine received new modifications and upgrades that result in a 9 to 11 percent increase in output. RENM Performance can install either a race- or street-specification inconel or titanium exhaust system along with a retuned ECU and redesigned air intake chambers. Each model will vary in output due to the fact that some are optimized for different fuel grades depending on the location around the world.

Inside, the RENM Performance LE-C Aventador offers a motorsports-oriented atmosphere. The standard seats were removed and replaced with lightweight racing seats with harnesses. Much of the cockpit including the steering wheel, dashboard, and seats is fitted with grippy alcantara and sporty carbon fiber accents.

The RENM Performance LE-C Lamborghini Aventador is available throughout the world for owners of the Italian super car. Each model is built and modified to customer specification and specific markets. Pricing is dependent on customer requests.

RENM Performance LE-C Aventador Specifications

Displacement: 6.5 liters
Number of Cylinders: V-12
Aspiration: Naturally aspirated
Output: 9-11 percent increase (depending on fuel and market)
-Inconel or titanium exhaust system
-Retuned ECU
-Redesigned air intake chambers

Wheels, Tires, and Suspension:
Wheels: Center-locking lightweight racing wheels
Tires: Optional race-specification
Suspension: Modified to customer specification; height adjustable

-Carbon fiber body work
-Aventador J design on front and upper rear bumper
-Modified air intakes for the brakes and engine
-Electronically-operated rear wing

-Racing seats with alcantara and race harnesses
-Carbon fiber and alcantara trim
-Carbon fiber and alcantara steering wheel

RENM Performance LE-C Video


RENM Performance LE-C Aventador Gallery

[Source: RENM Performance]

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