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Tuningwerk Tunes the BMW M135i

Tuningwerk M135i

Giving the M even More.

It’s hard to follow up the success and performance of the first-generation BMW 1 Series M Coupe. The second-generation 1-Series F20 three-door M135i does a good job of following up in terms of dynamics and athleticism, but the team at Tuningwerk wanted to make it a car that wore that “M” with pride.

Tuningwerk M135i

The turbocharged, 3.0-liter inline-six cylinder engine was the first to receive the Tuningwerk magic. In terms of power, the Bavarian company installed a modified turbocharger and bigger intercooler, along with a new downpipe and 200-cell catalytic converter for better exhaust gas flow. To the left of the engine sits an additional water cooler as well. Depending on the tune, customers can get anywhere from 355 to 444 horsepower. But it wasn’t all about power. The Tuningwerk M135i can be outfitted with a dual-mass flywheel that weighs 4.4 lbs. less than the factory unit or an optional single-mass flywheel that weighs 9.9 lbs., total. The manual gearbox can also be paired up with a reinforced clutch to handle the added power from the turbocharged engine.

Even though it may be a hatchback, the Tuningwerk M135i is as swift and agile as a gazelle. The chassis was modified by a new KW Clubsport suspension that offers three-way adjustability while a limited-slip differential helps to put all of the added power to the pavement. A set of 18-inch Tuningwerk forged wheels were installed at both axles, and outfitted with 245/40R18 front and 265/35R18 rear Dunlop Direzza semi-slick tires to achieve maximum roadholding. Behind the wider set of wheels sits a BMW Performance braking system utilizing Tuningwerk racing brake pads and steel lines to limit warm stopping distances to just 100 feet.

Tuningwerk M135i

Inside, the dynamic and athletic performance continues. The factory front seats were replaced with new Recaro pole position seats that offer greater support. As an option, customers can have a full roll cage installed for added safety.

After the Tuninwerk modifications, the BMW M135i was able to set an impressive lap time of 1:58 around the Hockenheim GP circuit. All of the upgrades featured on the Tuningwerk M135i are currently available for the second-generation BMW 1-Series models. Pricing has not been released.

Tuningwerk M135i Specifications

Displacement: 3.0 liters
Number of Cylinders: Inline-six
Aspiration: Turbocharged
Maximum Horsepower: 355 to 444 / 265 to 331 kW
-Modified turbocharged
-Enlarged intercooler
-Additional water cooler
-Downpipe with integrated 200-cell catalytic converter
-Reinforced clutch
-Dual- or single-mass flywheel with reduced weight

Type: Six-speed manual
Drive: Rear-wheel
-Rear limited-slip differential

Wheels, Tires, Suspension, and Brakes:
Wheels: Tuningwerk 18-inch forged wheels
Tires: Dunlop Direzza semi slicks
Front Tires: 245/40R18
Rear Tires: 265/35R18
Suspension: KW Clubsport, three-way adjustable
Brakes: M Performance brakes with Tuningwerk racing brake pads and steel lines
-Recaro Pole Position seats
-Optional roll cage

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Source: Tuningwerk

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