Vorsteiner gives the Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG an Evil look

Vorsteiner C63 AMG

This AMG is ready for a rumble.

The Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG is a monster German performance sedan with a big, powerful hand-built V-8 lighting up the rear tires. Vorsteiner has given the AMG sedan the looks to match its brutal powertrain and performance.

The new Vorsteiner C63 AMG looks even more sinister than its stock counterpart and is ready to tear up asphalt. The sedan stares ahead with a starless carbon fiber grille replacement in black and carbon fiber front vent louver covers. A new carbon fiber front spoiler was also added to increase downforce at the front axle and visually lower the car. Each side of the Vorsteiner C63 AMG wears carbon fiber fender vents and matching carbon fiber side skirts to help slice through air. The package is finished off with a carbon fiber spoiler and carbon fiber vented diffuser element for better high speed stability.

Vorsteiner C63 AMG

Vorsteiner also upgraded the standard wheels and exhaust system on the Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG for better performance and style. The standard exhaust system can be replaced with either a stainless steel or titanium exhaust system to reduce weight, improve power, and create a deafening V-8 roar. The Vorsteiner C63 AMG is also fitted with new, lightweight forged wheels in 19 or 20 inch diameters. Rounding it all out are optional custom floor and trunk mats with custom piping colors for the interior.

All of the upgrades on the Vorsteiner C63 AMG are currently available as a complete package or individual accessories.

Vorsteiner C63 AMG

[Source: Vorsteiner]

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