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VOS Performance Unveils their Huracán “Final Edition”

VOS Performance Lamborghini Huracán “Final Edition"

Dedication, design, and passion.

When Vision of Speed (VOS) Performance unveiled their first Lamborghini Huracán upgrade program last year, it was met with much fanfare and excitement. It was easy to see why as well, because of their straightforward approach to designing an extraordinary and functional upgrade conversion packed with passion and enthusiasm. Their latest Lamborghini Huracán “Final Edition” is their way of making the Italian Bull something even more unique.

VOS Performance Lamborghini Huracán “Final Edition"

It’s important to strike a harmony with the interior, exterior, and engine in terms of performance, comfort, and style – all with a bespoke touch. “Many aftermarket tuners tend to focus only on exterior customization. We at VOS Performance believe that a bespoke interior tailored to match a head-turning exterior is mandatory to achieve a perfect balance,” said Michael Keller, CEO of VOS Performance. “The unique VOS Performance interpretation of the Lamborghini Huracán combines extravagant individuality and exclusivity with German engineering and outstanding quality in craftsmanship. These are all values that we strive to live up to every day.”

VOS Performance Lamborghini Huracán “Final Edition"

Instead of crating individual upgrades for the body for customers, the team at VOS Performance created a full kit that makes the Lamborghini Huracán a unique induvial on the road, even among other exotics. The aesthetic changes begin with the new carbon fiber front spoiler lip with a gloss finish. Carbon fiber upgrades continue along each side with the new sill panels, fuel flap, side mirror caps, and the matte-finished roof panel. At the rear, customers have a choice of two carbon fiber spoilers from VOS Performance: the “Pur Vida” (Neutral-Zone Downforce) or the “Torneo” adjustable wing spoiler. As an option, an individualized nameplate can be put on the wing for a truly customized look.

VOS Performance Lamborghini Huracán “Final Edition"

Adding to both the visual and performance aspects of the Lamborghini Huracán are new VOS Performance alloy wheels, brakes, and sport springs. The five double-spoke wheels feature a jagged design that complements the factory body language, making them the perfect fit. Behind the new wheels sit upgraded competition brake pads and stainless steel lines that give the brakes a bit more bite. To complete the chassis upgrades, new H&R sport springs reduce the ride height by 35 mm to improve overall handling dynamics and give the exotic a low-flying, menacing look.

VOS Performance Lamborghini Huracán “Final Edition"

Under the hood of the VOS Performance beast sits a more powerful version of the 5.2-liter, naturally-aspirated V-10 engine. A new intake manifold with BMC Twin-Air sport air filter kit helps the motor breathe with ease to increase output. Two exhaust variants are also available, starting with the VOS Performance system that includes a new front-end and muffler with mechanical flap control and tailpipes etched with the company name. This leads to an increase in 12 horsepower and 11 lb-ft. of torque, while weight is reduced by 22 lbs. The second option is an Akrapovic slip-on titanium exhaust that adds 19 horsepower and 16 lb-ft. of torque while cutting a total of 45 lbs. of weight for better overall performance.

Inside, VOS Performance added their special touch to the cabin to create a well-balanced, athletic machine. High-gloss carbon fiber is worn by the instrument binnacle wing, door handles, and steering wheel trim and paddle shifters.

VOS Performance Lamborghini Huracán “Final Edition"

Although this Lamborghini Huracán carries the “Final Edition” name, don’t expect the German company to stop there. Expect bigger things to come in the future from VOS Performance in the realm of custom-tailored super cars.

VOS Performance Lamborghini Huracán “Final Edition” Specifications

-Intake Manifold with BMC Twin-Air Sport Air Filter (Full Kit)

Exhaust Variant 1: VOS Performance System
Front end and muffler with mechanical flap control exhaust tailpipes with ‘VOS Performance’ laser engraved.
Power: + 9 kW / 12 hp at 5,820 rpm
Torque: + 15 Nm / 11 lb-ft. at 5,820 rpm
Weight: – 10 Kg / 22 lbs.

Exhaust Variant 2: Akrapovic Slip-On Titanium System
Enlarged main pipes with specially designed X-chamber in the silencer box for increased cross-flow, flap control.
Power: +14.3 kW / 19 hp at 5,950 rpm
Torque: +21.7 Nm / 16 lb-ft. at 5,950 rpm
Weight: – 20.5 Kg / 45 lbs.

Wheels, Brakes, and Suspension:
Wheels: VOS Performance alloy
Brakes: Competition pads with stainless steel hoses
Suspension: H&R Sport Springs; 35 mm lower

-Sill panels “VOS Performance” in visible gloss carbon-fiber
-Fuel flap in visible gloss carbon-fiber
-Mirror caps in gloss carbon-fiber
-Roof panel in matt carbon-fiber
-Rear diffuser in gloss carbon-fiber
-Front spoiler lip in gloss visible carbon-fiber
-Rear wing “Pur Vida” (Neutral-Zero) in gloss visible carbon- fiber
-VOS Performance nameplate in rear wing (individualized)
-Rear wing “Torneo” (adjustable) in visible carbon-fiber

-Instrument binnacle wing in gloss carbon-fiber
-Interior door handles in visible gloss visible carbon-fiber
-Steering wheel L + R paddle shifters in gloss visible carbon- fiber
-Steering wheel trim in gloss carbon-fiber

VOS Performance Lamborghini Huracán “Final Edition” Gallery

Source: Vision of Speed

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