Watch a Valet Crash a Lamborghini Aventador into a Toyota

Lamborghini Crash Monaco

Lamborghini, meet Toyota.

Want to see somebody lose their job? This is exactly how you can get fired as a hotel valet, especially one in a rich place like Monaco.

There are always some high-end supercars and rare exotics cruising through Monaco. It’s a land of the wealthy and they love to show that wealth off through their vehicles.

This valet at the Hotel de Paris made a big mistake while trying to park a Lamborghini Aventador. While the car was stopped they decided to rev the engine. There was one small problem, though – it was in first gear. This caused the supercar to launch forward and right into a Toyota RAV-4 as it was moving past.

The damage was pretty significant as the entire carbon fiber front-end was cracked. That’s going to cost quite a bit and someone is going to be out of a job very quickly.


Source nikimotorsport YouTube Channel

How mad would you be if a valet did this to your Lamborghini Aventador?


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