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G-Power Supercharged M3 GTS Video

Experience all 635 horses on the track and in the cockpit.

Can’t get enough of the G-Power Supercharged M3 GTS that we featured earlier? Well, we have a treat for you! Thanks to G-Power and bmwm3gtsdriver, we have a host of M3 video that will give you the full G-Power experience.

G-Power ran the car at the Hockenheim Circuit earlier this year, and thanks to their Youtube channel, we have first-hand G Power video of the GTS running on the track.

G Power BMW M3 GTS Hockenheim Video

G Power BMW M3 GTS Video

Only three of the total 150 BMW M3 GTS models were tuned by G Power with their SK II supercharger system. Luckily, one of them had a camera and chose to document himself behind the wheel.

[Source: G-Power Youtube Channel, bmwm3gtsdriver Youtube Channel]

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